Students: access exceptional music instruction @ VelocityLessons.

Learn music online, at your own pace – anytime, anywhere.  Taught by Dr. Kathy Rabago & a team of expert musicians

Students, join as a monthly or yearly member at VelocityLessons to access all of the music courses.  New lessons and resources for students are added monthly to take your musicianship to the next level.

What is included in a student membership?

1. Music Theory Courses

Each music theory course covers one year of music theory instruction.  Levels 1-9 available.  The courses include video instruction, interactive exercises, and printable workbooks.

2. Piano Courses

Available Piano Courses @ VelocityLessons include a beginning piano course, playing piano with chords, and more.  Each course is a step by step system for learning how to play the piano and how to read music.  A strong foundation will ensure that students learn piano the right way.

5. Community

Building community is extremely important as a student.  Your membership includes a closed community page where you can ask questions and receive answers from fellow students and from our teaching staff.