Beginning Piano Course

In this innovative course created by Dr. Kathy Rabago, you will complete 6 units containing 47 piano lessons covering everything from:

Playing by finger numbers on the black keys

Playing on the white keys using the musical alphabet as a guide

Reading music on the Treble Clef Staff with your right hand

Reading music on the Bass Clef Staff with your left hand

Reading music on the Grand Staff with alternating hands

Playing music on the Grand Staff hands together

Start with zero knowledge about music, and end reading music and playing hands together.  That’s what the beginning piano course is about!  Dr. Kathy Rabago will walk you through a step-by-step system in learning how to play the piano.  All lessons are around 10 minutes in length, letting you work through them in a short time frame.  Each unit will focus on a different skill, giving you several pieces to practice within that skill.  We will add on musical concepts as we go, learning how to read music and how to play the pieces in the lessons.  Ready to get started?  All of the lessons are listed below.

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For a full description of the course and all of the lessons, read this.