New look for Piano Program + more teaching resources

New resource page for teachers Some big changes are happening to the Piano Program website very soon! I love that many teachers are using the music theory courses, and of course I’m enjoying using it in my teaching as well. So after taking a step back and looking at all of the work I’ve done […]

MTNA resources

It was such a pleasure to speak at the MTNA National Conference in Orlando today!  I loved seeing old friends and making new ones.  I hope that I was able to inspire you to start thinking about how YOU can use the flipped classroom approach in your studios. I hope everyone grabbed a printed handout […]

If you are a piano teacher like I am, perhaps you have all of your lessons planned out as carefully as possible. Repertoire is selected, technique is planned out, and theory courses assigned. But sometimes lessons don’t always go as planned. So it’s nice to have a few resources to use as additional material for […]

Creating your online course – an interview with Teachery founder Jason Zook

I’m a lifetime member of, and I use their platform to create ALL of my courses.  It’s a wonderful platform – easy to use, simplistic, yet powerful.  I wanted to share what I love and trust with all of you in case you are looking yourself to create some online courses.  (*Disclaimer, I do receive […]

Teachers – setting up your own website using wordpress

At this point in my career, I’ve created and maintained 4 different websites:  this one (, my studio website (, my online lesson website (, and the website I share with The Music Mentor Group (  Let me explain how I got into all of this…. Did you know that a requirement for a doctorate in […]

Chord Charts – powerful tools for all of us

Improvising using a chord chart – did you know that classical musicians, jazz musicians, church musicians, and music educators all use the skills of reading from a chord chart?  We can trace chord chart reading all the way back to the baroque period of music (1600-1750), when composers such as J.S. Bach and Henry Purcell […]